Pendergardens, St. Julian’s

Pendergardens is a self-contained and completely pedestrian development in the heart of the thriving town of St. Julian’s. The development enjoys a cluster of luxury apartment blocks apartments where interiors flooded with natural light and highest-quality finishes, and exteriors enjoy generous terraces, complete with jacuzzi and stunning views over Malta. There are an additional 16 plots within the development allocated for detached and semi-detached villas with pools, accessible via a private road, finished to their owners’ custom specifications.

Pendergardens Lifestyle Development offers a luxury and contemporary lifestyle based on the statutes of open spaces, ample living areas and the desirability and benefits of living in this distinctive location, leading to the Pendergardens expression of “‘everything surrounds you here.”

Shopping and Leisure

Designed to meet the demands of a fast-paced and contemporary lifestyle, Pendergardens is ideally located close to the island’s best restaurants, nightclubs and the eventful nightlife taking place in St. Julian’s and Paceville. At the same time, the calm and car-free environment surrounding all Pendergardens properties allows the residents to retreat into a quiet personal space. The development includes a tranquil piazza, underground parking, swimming pool, 24-hour security, and ample landscaped areas for residents to enjoy.

The development is also planned to house business and retail outlets, complementing ‘The Exchange’ project being carried out within Pendergardens. This financial and business hub are to be housed within two towers across 16,700 square metres, with 10,800 square metres of managed, mixed, retail and leisure outlets fronting a large public piazza.


Situated along the northeastern coast and home to Malta’s tallest building, St. Julian’s is ‘the place to be’ in Malta. Neighbouring the commercial and activity hub of Sliema, St. Julian’s boasts its own vibrant dining and nightlife scenes, deemed to be amongst the finest on the island.

An enclave of many of the island’s best hotels and tourist resorts, the town thrives with a cultural mix of tourists and locals going about their daily rituals and gathering here to enjoy life’s pleasures, particularly on the weekends. Paceville, Malta’s main nightlife area where many of the island’s best bars and nightclubs are found is also found in St. Julian’s and is widely popular with locals and tourists alike.

History and Culture

St. Julian’s has a population of around 8,000 people, and its name comes from the patron saint of the town, Saint Julian. Before 1800, St. Julian’s was just a small fishing village surrounding Balluta and Spinola bays, with very few buildings except for the Spinola Palace, the old parish church, a few fishermen’s huts and a few farm houses in the countryside. Today, it is one of the most dynamic cities on the island, with wild nightlife, exceptional shopping opportunities, beautiful beaches, and outstanding dining options.

The city is very popular among the tourist, especially in the summer time, when many can enjoy Maltese sun, the city’s never-ending amenities and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The crown jewel of summer of St Julian’s is a traditional summer festa, which is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of August.