The Laguna Project – Portomaso, St. Julian’s


Centered around a beautifully landscaped lagoon with direct access to the water, The Laguna Apartments in Portomaso are a new concept in luxury living


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Life on the Laguna

This latest building phase in Portomaso is a landmark project which shall further enhance the reputation and investment value for owners of properties in Portomaso.

Adjacent to the sea and the marina, the new Laguna project as an extension of Portomaso residential development where one can access a lagoon from their apartment and swim out into the lagoon. This is a unique, waterfront residential development and all  terraces are oriented to the lagoon and Marina. The lagoon is planned to be a resident’s dream– accommodating  artificial Islands and planters with local trees offering a shaded and tranquil place for relaxing and socializing in the sun.

A carefully landscaped sea water lagoon is proposed in the middle of the 128,000 sqm area in such a way that its central location allows the low lying 46 apartments being built around the lagoon direct access to the water.

To ensure that the water is of optimum quality for bathing in such a small sea-water lagoon, a system with continuous pumping the sea water to the lagoon and out falling it to the existing marina. The overall circulation will be enhanced by wall and floor jets installed along the pool perimeter and spread over the pool bed.

With units finished to impeccable standards, the project is mostly on two floors from Marina Level. The development will be a minimum 3 metres below the surface of the Entrenchment wall and the low profile is therefore non‐ intrusive on the Portomaso Complex and its immediate surroundings.


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