The Laguna Project – Portomaso, St. Julian’s

Centered around a beautifully landscaped lagoon with direct access to the water, The Laguna Apartments in Portomaso are a new concept in luxury living.

Adjacent to the sea and the marina, the new Laguna project as an extension of Portomaso residential development where one can access a lagoon from their apartment and swim out into the lagoon. This is a unique, waterfront residential development and all terraces are oriented to the lagoon and Marina. The lagoon is planned to be a resident’s dream– accommodating artificial Islands and planters with local trees offering a shaded and tranquil place for relaxing and socializing in the sun.

To ensure that the water is of optimum quality for bathing in such a small sea-water lagoon, a system with continuous pumping the sea water to the lagoon and out falling it to the existing marina. The overall circulation will be enhanced by wall and floor jets installed along the pool perimeter and spread over the pool bed.

Shopping & Leisure

The Laguna project forms part of a famous Portomaso Development that offers both leisure and active amenities to its residents. The development is a semi-gated and self-sufficient community that offers a car-free environment. The communal areas of the Marina are maintained to pristine standards, with a 24-hour security team, landscapers, and premium businesses and restaurants taking residence in its offices and retail sites.

Portomaso residents benefit form an exciting community life, enable by a presence of the 5 star-deluxe Hilton Hotel Malta and 23 storey Business Tower, as well as Shopping Complex and a wide selection of restaurants on its grounds – all providing great entertainment opportunities. For those seeking leisure and tranquillity, the development offers an outstanding Health Club, Beach Club, and a centrepiece of Portomaso development – an immaculate Marina that draws yachtsmen and residents alike as it provides upscale scenery to be enjoyed from your terrace or on evening walks.

St Julian’s

The city of St Julian’s owned its status as one of the most dynamic cities on the Maltese Island. The city offers excellent leisure activities, vibrant nightlife, exquisite shopping opportunities and state of the art dining options. The renovated Paceville district, a former military haunt in the 1930s, is now the hub of Saint Julian’s nightlife with an array of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Saint Julian’s is a popular holiday spot on the coast of Malta. The small town successfully blends its fishing village charm with its tourist centre. Latin architecture, such as Spinola Palace, built in 1688, and the Old Parish Church are popular historical sites. Divers will enjoy exploring shipwrecks via the Divewise Centre.

St Julian’s has not only established itself locally, but has also gained an international recognition after the city’s famous Portomaso Marina won ‘The Best Marina Development in Europe Award’.

History and Culture

St. Julian’s has a population of around 8,000 people, and its name comes from the patron saint of the town, Saint Julian. Before 1800, St. Julian’s was just a small fishing village surrounding Balluta and Spinola bays, with very few buildings except for the Spinola Palace, the old parish church, a few fishermen’s huts and a few farm houses in the countryside. Today, it is one of the most dynamic cities on the island, with wild nightlife, exceptional shopping opportunities, beautiful beaches, and outstanding dining options.

The city is very popular among the tourist, especially in the summer time, when many can enjoy Maltese sun, the city’s never-ending amenities and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The crown jewel of summer of St Julian’s is a traditional summer festa, which is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of August.