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This latest building phase in Portomaso is a landmark project which shall further enhance the reputation and investment value for owners of properties in Portomaso. The attached artists’ impressions attest to this statement.

The Project comprises of the development of the vacant area abutting on one side Spinola Road and on the other side the sailing yachts Marina Basin.

A beautifully landscaped sea water lagoon is proposed in the middle of the area in such a way that its central location allows the low lying 46 apartments being built around the lagoon direct access to the water.

The project is mostly on two floors from Marina Level. The development will be a minimum 3 metres below the surface of the Entrenchment wall and the low profile is therefore non‐ intrusive on the Portomaso Complex and its immediate surroundings.

The roof of the units are to be professionally landscaped in order to safeguard and enhance views from overlying properties of the Portomaso Complex. No services will be installed on said landscaped roof.

Work on this project commences this month and the idea behind this circular is to acquaint Portomaso residents with the nature of the development, time frame of the development and assurances that measures are being adopted to minimise inconvenience to residents in the neighbourhood.

A principal aim of the methodology of the construction management plan is in fact measures to limit inconvenience to the neighbours.

Time wise, excavation work is projected to last less than 3 months and construction in shell form is expected to be completed by autumn 2015.

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