Retirement In Malta

Living in Malta

Our retirement quality-driven solutions are geared to assist you in making your retirement in Malta as smooth as possible, also by saving precious time. We will strive to guide and present you with a number of options in order to facilitate your move to our country; based on the notion of Customer-Relationship Management by being customer focused in order to meet your requirements and needs.

For our individual clients we shall strive to find the best property that best suits your needs and desired lifestyle. If you are interested in letting or buying a property in Malta, we will assist you in sourcing out the best property in line with your budget when looking for residential property. Our database consists of various property types around the Maltese islands including a number of desirable extras.

Our infrastructure is in fact geared up to provide you with the best tailor-made solution in order to retire in Malta. We seek to offer exclusive services, particularly to the expatriate commercial industry in order to assist with any type of request. Our relocation services are on offer to individuals and businesses.

It is also interesting to note that UK-based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme (QROPS) providers are moving to Malta to set up new schemes at a fast pace. As such, an individual having accumulated benefits under a private pension in the UK, but who has left the UK to take up residence elsewhere (not necessarily Malta), may transfer such benefits to a Maltese QROPS.

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