Mepa Class Uses Order

Legal Notice 74 of 2014 ensures that the range of land uses and activities within each class accurately reflects the impact on the context of that class whilst remaining wide enough to encompass the changing needs of a diverse economy in the light of experience gained over the years and the implications of planning decisions on their surroundings.

This Legal Notice organises clusters of classes into 8 main categories. These are:

  • Dwellings
  • Social
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture

Category A: Residential

Class 1 Dwellings

Category B: Social

Class 2A Residential Institutions

Class 2B Non Residential Institutions

Class 2C Education

Category C: Tourism and leisure

Class 3A Guest Houses, Palazzini, Boutique Tourism, Accommodation and hostels

Class 3B Hotels

Class 3C Assembly and Leisure

Class 3D Marine Leisure

Category D: Commercial

Class 4A Financial, Professional and Other Offices

Class 4B Retail

Class 4C Food and Drink Establishments where no cooking is allowed

Class 4D Food and Drink Establishments where cooking is allowed

Category E: Industry

Class 5A Light Industry

Class 5B General Industry

Class 5C Specialised Industry

Category F: Storage and Boatyards

Class 6A Storage and Distribution

Class 6B Boatyards

Class G: Aquaculture

Class H: Agriculture

Within each category, unless stated otherwise, change of use from one class to another requires a full development permission. For example Category B: Social has three old people’s home (Class 2A) requires a development permit.

Changes of Use no longer requiring a full development permission

Over time it has been realized that a number of changes of use result in perceived improved amenity to the surroundings. In these cases it was felt that a full development permit was no longer required. Instead a notification and reply mechanism is laid out in sub-article 3 for an identified number of changes of use. These are:

  • Hotels (3B) to tourism typologies (3A)
  • Retail (4B) to Offices (4A)
  • Food & Drink no cooking (4C) to Offices (4A)
  • Food & Drink no cooking (4C) to Retail (4B)
  • Food & Drink cooking (4D) to Offices (4A)
  • Food & Drink cooking (4D) to Retail (4B)
  • Food & Drink cooking (4D) to Food & Drink no cooking (4C)
  • General Industry (5B) to Light Industry (5A)
  • Specialised Industry (5C) to Light Industry (5A)
  • Specialised Industry (5C) to General Industry (5B)

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