About Malta And Gozo – Facts And Figures

Malta is an ideal multinational location for efficient international business contacts. Located at a strategic crossroad between Europe and Africa, Malta is a meeting point of cultures and languages at the centre of the Mediterranean.  As one of the most popular destinations, the Maltese Islands have plenty to offer visitors – whether they are here for a short time, or planning to invest long-term for business or pleasure.


An exciting archipelago, the Islands cover an area of 316 square kilometres and have a population of just over 400,000. Malta (Capital: Valletta) is the largest of the three islands, stretching some 27 kilometres from north to south. Its topography is characterised by a series of low hills with fields on slopes, and its coastline is well indented, with numerous harbours, bays, creeks and a few sandy beaches.

In Malta one can now hear Italian, Danish, Swedish, Russian, besides English and Maltese among all the other languages. With superbly sunny weather, beaches, a fantastic nightlife and rich culture, the islands are able to offer a wonderful eclectic culture.

Gozo, the second-largest island, has retained its more traditional air; the countryside is greener, cleaner and more spectacular, while the pace of life is certainly slower. Meanwhile, Comino – the smallest of the three – is pretty much uninhabited, with just one hotel and a very popular sandy bay that tourists relish during the summer months. International Living Magazine has recommended Malta, as having the best climate and best place to live.


  • “Malta is the Best Place to Retire” – Yahoo Finance
  • “Malta One of Best Places to Live Abroad 2013” – A Place in the Sun – Magazine
  • “Malta Wins Destination of the Year Award 2012” – 2012 TTG Awards
  • “Malta Voted Best Climate on Earth!” – International Living – Magazine


  • Official name: Republic of Malta
  • Area (km2): 316
  • Population: 415,614
  • Capital: Valletta
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Date of joining EU: 01 May 2004
  • Head of state: Dr George Abela, since April 2009
  • Head of government: Dr Joseph Muscat since March 2013, leading the Labour Party.
  • GDP (billions €): 6.6bn (est. 2012)
  • GDP per capita in PPS: € 20,500 (est. 2012)
  • Real growth rate of GDP: 1.2% (est. 2012)
  • Unemployment rate: 6 % (est. 2012)
  • National debt as % of GDP: 77% (est. 2012)
  • Inflation: 2.5% (est. 2012)
  • Public deficit/surplus as % of GDP: -3.9% (est. 2012)

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