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Foreigners’ Guide To: Buying or Renting a Property in Malta

1 Jul , 2015  

Relocating to Malta

Year after year, foreigners are attracted to Malta due to its unique lifestyle offering. Its warm climate with sunshine year-round, its remarkable culture and history and local character, coupled with an advantageous fiscal framework and flat tax rates create an attractive proposition. As a result, many are those who choose to relocate, set up their business or find work in Malta.

Despite being an island, Malta is highly accessible. The island itself is small, therefore driving time to and from anywhere around it is short. In addition, Malta is very well-connected to North African and European airports through regular scheduled flights, including all the major ones such as London-Heathrow and Frankfurt.

When making the move, there are undoubtedly several things to think about and take care of other than getting here, most importantly finding a place to stay. Accommodation in Malta is varied and during these past few years the local real estate market, particularly the luxury residential sector has grown to accommodate any lifestyle type.

Whether you are looking for a centrally located small or larger apartment or penthouse or a quietly-located villa or house of character, these are all widely available across the island. It is more a matter of considering which property type is ideal for you and the better option between buying and renting.

In making your decision, it is good to ask:

  • Will you be coming alone or accompanied by family members?
  • Will you be staying for a short term or on a more permanent basis?
  • Will you be frequently travelling to and from, and for how long?

Seeking the professional advice of a reputable local real estate agent is advisable, as they would know the local market well and can help you find your ideal home quickly and settle in smoothly.

Buying Property in Malta

Buying is usually the best option if you are looking to be present on the island for the longer haul and will spend most of your time during the year here, especially if family members will also be living here. Purchasing property in Malta is widely considered to be a good investment. The Maltese property market has enjoyed consistent stability and appreciating values throughout the years, virtually across all property types.

Generally, the key requirements for buying property in Malta are the following:

  • Deposit of 20% of total price to be paid on the Promise of Sale (before signing the final contract),
  • Stamp duty up to 5% of the total price,
  • Notary fees between 2% and 2.5% of total property price plus Searches fee, 
  • Health and Life Insurance,
  • Agency fee (if applicable).

It is also important to know that as a non-Maltese citizen, you may be subject to specific regulations and in certain instances be required to hold a specific permit enabling you to acquire immovable property. This does not apply to properties situated within special designated areas, such as luxury lifestyle developments in Malta.

Renting Property in Malta

On the other hand, if you will be frequently travelling to and from the island and will be absent from the island for long periods of time, you might want to consider renting instead of buying. Property for rent is also widely available across the island and it is easy to find the ideal rental both on a short let (0-3 months) or a long let (6+ months) basis, for all property types.

The cost of rent will naturally vary depending on the type of property that you will be staying in, size and location, ranging from a few hundreds of euro per month, upwards.

The general requirements to rent a property in Malta are the following:

  • Initial deposit, usually equivalent to 3 months of rent,
  • Renting 3 months in advance,
  • Condominium & maintenance fees (normally included in quoted monthly rental price),
  • Deposit on utilities,
  • Agency fee (if applicable).

Obtaining a Home Loan in Malta

If you would like to take a home loan, Maltese banks offer various flexible schemes on home financing, offering up to 90% financing of the total purchase price and tailored to meet individual requirements. In applying for a home loan, the following documents usually need to be presented:

  • Reference,
  • Identification,
  • Copy of preliminary agreement,
  • Recent pay slip and FS3,
  • Estimate of the property value.

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