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The IIP programme and the Real Estate Market at a glance

15 Dec , 2016  

Tigne Point in Sliema

The number of 3rd country nationals purchasing a Maltese passport have tripled in 1 year, but only 1/5th of them have actually bought a property, while the vast majority opting for long lease. This trend has come to light from the 3rd Annual report issued by the Office of the Regulator of the Individual Investors […]

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The Renewal of the Property Price Index

22 Aug , 2016  

The Government of Malta has recently revised the property price index with effect from the 26th of July. The article which has been amended relates to an individual who is a non-resident of Malta, buying residential property for sale. In this case the prices of immovable property have been revised to: €110,469 for the case […]

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Maltese passport buyers majority prefer to rent property

31 May , 2016  

Tigne Point in Sliema

As reported by the Times of Malta, it appears that the overwhelming majority of those buying Maltese passports do prefer to rent a property as opposed to purchasing it. As per information tabled in Parliament in response to questions by Nationalist MP Claudio Grech, 81 percent of those granted Maltese citizenship have signed five-year rent contracts […]

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Amendment to the Highly Qualified Persons Rules

13 Aug , 2015  

Highly Qualified Persons Rules

The Highly Qualified Persons (HQP) Rules, originally introduced and put into effect in 2010, have been amended by Legal Notice 225 of 2015. As per the HQP Rules, EU, EEA and Swiss expatriates working in Malta under an eligible contract of employment may benefit from a flat tax rate of 15% on their yearly income of […]


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Landlords are warned about last chance to get their tax position in line

10 Jun , 2015  

The last day of June is the deadline for landlords of residential property to regularise their tax position through the current government scheme. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has called upon all landlords who have rented property for residential purposes between 2005 and 2012 to make use of the scheme. The Minister stated that the government […]

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Property Tax: Why?

25 Feb , 2015  

Property Tax in Malta

Property Tax often includes annual taxes based on the value of immovable property, taxes on sales of real property, tax on rental property, net wealth taxes, taxes on inheritances and gifts, taxes on transfers of securities, and even taxes on the non-use, or uneconomically wanted, or non-economically beneficial, types of properties.  In Malta, property tax […]

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Proposed changes to property tax

25 Feb , 2015  

Luxury Properties Malta

The Notarial Council is expecting the government to reconsider its decision to eliminate the possibility for property sellers to pay capital gains tax, at least in certain transactions. It has proposed concrete alternatives to the Ministry of Finance and the Inland Revenue Department. However, such changes should only be completed after a thorough consultation is […]

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Taxation on Rent

27 Jan , 2015  

Taxation on Rents

Up until 31st December 2013, rental income could be taxed as trading income (typically rental income derived by a person who habitually rents out immovable property) or non-trading rental income. Whilst rental income derived from a trading activity attracts most allowable deductions available to trading activities, non-trading rental income would qualify for the following deductions: […]

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Retirement Programme Rules in Malta

23 Jan , 2015  

Malta Retirement Programme Rules

By virtue of the inclusion of the recent Subsidiary Legislation 123.134 to the Maltese Income Tax Act, a special tax status has been issued for retirees from EU, EEA countries and Switzerland when remitting their pension into Malta. This means that a fixed tax rate of 15% will be due on the pension remitted, and […]

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Highly Qualified Persons Rules

22 Jan , 2015  

Highly Qualified Persons Rules

Malta’s success in securing an increasing number and quality of hedge funds, managers, insurers and similarly regulated entities depends largely on the ability of such entities to attract and recruit highly qualified, experienced and senior professionals available globally. Tax Planning for High Income Earners The domestic Malta Highly Qualified Persons Rules (the-Rules) relate to the […]

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