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UK Pension Reform Creates Ideal Case Scenario for Maltese Property Market

8 Apr , 2015  


After UK Chancellor George Osborne announced last March that existing retirees would be allowed to cash in their pensions, the reform has now come into effect. In an article featuring the implications of this reform, Bloomberg Business outlines that this great move will allow 5 million people who have already retired to collect their proceeds […]

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Retirement in Malta

23 Jan , 2015  

Retirement in Malta

Living in Malta Our retirement quality-driven solutions are geared to assist you in making your retirement in Malta as smooth as possible, also by saving precious time. We will strive to guide and present you with a number of options in order to facilitate your move to our country; based on the notion of Customer-Relationship […]

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The Malta Ordinary Residence Permit

23 Jan , 2015  

Malta Ordinary Residence Permit

The concept of ordinary residence, although not legalistic is not as challenging as domicile. Also, the term is not defined in our law and lends its definition from British judgements. In fact it has been stated that a person is ordinary resident in a country by taking into account the duration of the individual’s presence […]

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Retirement Programme Rules in Malta

23 Jan , 2015  

Malta Retirement Programme Rules

By virtue of the inclusion of the recent Subsidiary Legislation 123.134 to the Maltese Income Tax Act, a special tax status has been issued for retirees from EU, EEA countries and Switzerland when remitting their pension into Malta. This means that a fixed tax rate of 15% will be due on the pension remitted, and […]

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