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Selling or leasing property in Malta? A new regulation has come into effect.

8 May , 2015  

The new regulation states that whoever is about to sell or lease a property in Malta is bound to present an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to the prospective tenant demonstrating the level of the building’s energy efficiency.

The certificate is valid for 10 years after the date of issue and needs to:

  • be presented on the date of entering the contract of promise of sale or rent agreement,
  • be issued by a notary or an engineer,
  • clearly demonstrate the building’s level of efficiency with regards to energy consumption.

The EPC informs potential buyers about the building’s current energy performance and gives recommendations as to how this can be improved to a better energy efficiency class.

How the EPC is carried out

An Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) assessor who is registered with the Buildings Regulations Office (BRO) inspects the property and assesses the building. The BRO is the office responsible for the implementation of the new regulation in Malta.

The assessor calculates the energy use rating of the building in order to compile the EPC. A registration fee of €75 is charged for each certificate registration. The fee for the EPC is at the assessor’s discretion.

The assessor gives building-specific recommendations related to energy efficiency which are officially handed to the owner in the certificate. The owner, however, is not obliged to carry out any of these recommendations.

If an owner fails to produce the EPC to the BRO upon the latter’s request, a fine between €500 and €5000 may be charged to the owner.

What the EPC assessment takes into consideration

  • The building’s geometry
  • Construction material
  • Finishing material (such as double/triple glazing, ventilation, insulation and shading)
  • Lighting
  • Hot water systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Renewable energy systems (such as PV panels)

This regulation is a requirement of the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Maltese law. For more information about this regulation or leasing and selling property in Malta, please visit our website or drop us a line on One of our agents will gladly assist you.

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