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Malta SIR launches its 3rd Edition of the Property ‘Portfolio’

21 Dec , 2016  


The Art of Representing a Home 

‘The Art of Representing a home.’ This is the theme around which the 2016 edition of the coveted property portfolio was created. Showcasing a handpicked selection of unique and exceptional properties from the brand’s ever increasing local property portfolio. This 100-page publication is aimed at high-net-worth buyers who seek to invest in properties throughout the Maltese Islands.

The 3rd Edition of the Portfolio was inspired from a unique synergy that exists between the worlds of art, real estate and artful living. We consider ourselves as curators of the homes we chose to represent. This year’s edition highlights the concept of the home being the living embodiment of one’s character. Properties have been categorised into: Designed Spaces, Extravagant Palazzos, Sculpted Landscapes, Scent of the Sea and A Taste of the Authentic.

By choosing Malta SIR, your property will benefit from exceptional marketing with an international touch. We extend ourselves to both local and international clients seeking real estate investment opportunities, those seeking to relocate to Malta and property owners looking to list and promote their property to qualified buyers.

The demand for luxury property within the local real estate sector is indeed on the rise as high-net-worth buyers are on the search for a distinct lifestyle offered here in Malta.

The porfolio may be accessed by subscribing online through where one can request a printed copy of the 3rd edition of the property porfolio. For further information about listing your property and getting international exposure through Malta SIR’s network, visit or email us on

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