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Listing your property with the right agency: What to look for when choosing your agent

25 Jun , 2015  

Despite the scepticism that sometimes surrounds listing one’s property with a real estate agency, having one’s property for sale or for rent represented by an agent remains a popular choice for several good reasons.

By having your property represented on the market by an expert in the field, you are more likely to have serious and interested buyers considering your property, ultimately leading to the successful closure of your property’s sale or rental. When selling or renting out a property, the perfect case scenario in the seller’s eyes is nearly always that of attracting the desired offer within the shortest time frame possible.

This often leads to many sellers or landlords listing their property with a particular agency simply because they get promised a fast sale or rental. A successful sale or rental is just the end result of getting your property listed. Many property owners are often left disappointed by a poor experience with real estate agencies because prior to listing, they do not consider important factors such as;

  • How will your agent get you the desired results?
  • What can they do better than other agents in terms of delivering that promise?
  • What is the agent’s edge on the market?
  • Do they have a proven track record of success backing them up?

A high quality and truly client-oriented real estate agent will look beyond just numbers when positioning a property on the market. Unfortunately, especially since the market is highly competitive, certain agents’ primary intention is often that of getting the listing first and worrying about the outcome later. In the long run, this approach will not generate any fruitful results.

There is nothing genuine about agreeing with a client simply because they own the home. This will only lead to the agent having to come up with an explanation to the property owner later on as to why their property is not selling, creating a feeling of mistrust between the owner and the agent.

In turn, as a property owner, one of the advantages of having your property sale or rental taken care of by an agent is that you can capitalise on the agent’s experience and knowledge. Therefore, if your agent of choice is able to provide sound advice based on what is happening on the market, being open to these suggestions can help the agent push your property amongst potential investors.

When looking to list your property with a particular real estate agency, it virtually sums down to choosing the agent that can offer the best client experience throughout, based on a genuine approach and communication.

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