There are many reasons why one would consider moving to Malta and taking up residence. The year round mild weather and friendly people come to mind first. They say a country's greatest assets are not its gold or cash reserves, but its people. Subsequently, everything else is built on this.

Here are some tangible benefits of relocating to Malta.

  • Attractive Residency Schemes with Flat 15% Tax Rate for EU, EES, Swiss and 3rd Country Nationals
  • 0% Annual Property Tax/Council Tax
  • 0% Inheritance Tax
  • 0% Wealth Tax
  • Stamp Duty (3.5% to 5%) paid only once - on Purchase of Property
  • High Rental Incomes
  • Good Property Appreciation
  • Stable Banking System with Low Exposure to Foreign Debt
  • Bi-lingual and Highly Skilled Workforce (English/Maltese)
  • Full European Union Membership
  • Use of Euro as a currency
  • Efficient and Highly Developed Health System
  • Low Crime Rates
  • Attractive Retirement Benefits
  • Robust & Flexible Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Company Law and Regulations published in English
  • Professional Investor Funds Exempt from Maltese Capital Gains and Income Tax - (non-resident investors do not have to pay income tax in Malta)
  • Strategic Location in the Mediterranean - good Air & Sea Links
  • Low Cost Environment
  • Efficient Tax Regime - over 60 Double Taxation Agreements
  • World Class I.C.T. Infrastructure
  • Fast Growing yet Stable Financial Services Sector
  • World Class Yachting Facilities - Marinas & Boat Chartering
  • Maltese Economy Resilient During Financial Crisis

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